Saturday Night in Athens

I love college football.  Really really love it.  I went to the University of Georgia and have had season tickets to the UGA home games since I was 10 or 11.  My dad went to UGA and my parents have had season tickets for as longer than I’ve been alive.  My mom’s parents and my dad’s grandmother used to go to the games with my parents.  I think Mama Nancy was in her 80s when she stopped going.

Going to football games just makes me happy in a way I can’t explain.  Growing up, we moved around a lot, so my sister and I said that Athens felt the most like home.  It was a place that was a constant in our lives.   We both went to college there and went to all the home games and a few away games.  I have so many good memories wrapped up around UGA football.

So of course I was ecstatic to go to the first home game this year.  The first game of the season, at Oklahoma State, was a total disappointment, and this first home game was big – going 0-2 was unacceptable, plus it was at home, the SEC opener, and against Steve Spurrier.  Very big deal.  My sister was home this weekend, and my aunts weren’t using their tickets, so I ended up sitting with my sister, a friend of ours, and a friend of his in the endzone.

The game was a lot of fun.  It probably wasn’t the best played game ever, but there was a lot of scoring and several big plays.  The game came down to 4th and goal from the 7 with about 30 seconds left.  If USC scores, they win.  If the defense stops them, we win.  The pass was deflected and incomplete, and we won!

I doubt anyone that didn’t go to UGA will like these, but here are two videos that are shown pregame.  The first one I took a couple years ago.  The voice is Larry Munson, the legendary “Voice of the Dawgs” for some like 50 years.  He just retired, but they still use this voice-over.  The video has changed a little this year.  It gives me goosebumps!

This one is similar to one of the other videos they play.  They use the Elton version of Saturday Night’s All Right for Fighting instead of Nickelback (thank God) and it isn’t quite as long, but this gives you an idea!

The game this week is away, but I will be watching!


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Marshall's ready to swim!
Marshall's ready to swim!

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