I really do like to read!

I’ve been a bit of a reading funk lately.  I’ve spent more time watching tv or sewing (or watching tv while sewing) or just generally doing things that are not reading.  But I do love to read and it is good for me, so I am trying to get back to reading.  I probably will never read as much and as fast as I did for the years this blog was more active, but I will be pushing myself to spend more time reading.

Lately, I’ve been getting back into being a crazy fangirl about Star Wars.  I’ve been playing with the idea of reading the Star Wars Expanded Universe books, but really had no idea where to start.  At DragonCon, a panelist mentioned that she did a read through of the majority of the books (you can see her postings here) and I decided to follow her lead.  She did it in like 6 months and I have no desire to try to read through that fast, but it is a good starting list.  I took some stuff of her list that didn’t interest me as much and added a few things that weren’t on her list.  We shall see where it takes me.  You can find my list on Star Wars Legends link above.

My original GoodReads challenge was 52 books this year, one for each week.  Considering we’re this far into the year and I’ve only read 15, that’s unlikely to happen!  So I am readjusting my goal to 30 for the year.  So I need to read 15 more books this year.

Book #16: Star Wars: A New Dawn by John Jackson Miller (in progress)