August/September Update

Based on the cobwebs around here, it looks like I’ve hit a rut again, which is both true and not true. Expanded Universe wise, I started Jedi Twilight on July 24th.  Honestly, I am not a fan and am struggling a bit with it.  It was easy to put down, but I know that I can power through it if I get back into it.  I’m not invested in anyone yet.  I also started reading Heir to the Empire, the first of the Thrawn trilogy books.  I read this series back in the 90s but don’t remember a ton about them, so it’s basically like reading it for the first time.  I skipped ahead to that one because of a new podcast, Thrawncast.  So I am reading a few chapters a week along with them.  I’m still listening to Rogue Podron, but I already read the book they are on, so I am just listening in each week.

In non Star Wars news, I finished War and Peace!  Yay me!  I kind of feel like I should have a button so that people will know of my accomplishment.  Overall, I really like it.  There were parts that were tedious, but I loved pretty much all of the character driven parts, even when they were being idiots. :)

On top of that, I’ve just been BUSY.  Football season is in full swing, DragonCon happened (and was lots of fun), and baseball season is winding down.  These are the last few games at Turner Field, so I am going to 3 games this week.  I also went to Nashville for a long weekend for E’s birthday and M’s baptism.  I’m heading back up there next week to help them move to a new house.

And on top of all that, I have decided to make a Resistance Pilot costume so I can join the Rebel Legion!  Right now I am just collecting the pieces (because omg this can get expensive fast) and will build it after I finish my other craft projects.  But I am so excited about it!  My goal is to have it done and approved before Star Wars Celebration in April.

Speaking of my craft projects, I am working on Lauren’s t-shirt quilt, but it is hard and I kind of hate it.  But I will get it done.  Somehow.  After that, I need to finish two baby quilts for my cousin and niece.  My cousin’s baby is about to turn 1 and M will be 1 in December.  I’ll miss H’s birthday, but I should have plenty of time to finish M’s by her 1st birthday.

And if all that wasn’t enough, I may be taking in my sister’s dog.  So I’ll have two dogs and the new one is younger and will require more walks than my current lazy old man.

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