Triple Zero (Republic Commando, Bk 2) by Karen Traviss

I’m not really sure how I feel about this book. I liked the first half. I liked reconnecting with the Omega squad, but eventually adding in the Delta squad made it too many characters to keep up with. Add in Skirata, Vau, Etain, Ordo, and Jusik, and it was a bit overwhelming.

The main plot/mission was kind of slow and uninteresting. There were moments of action that were interesting, but overall it dragged a little. I did think getting more of Atin’s backstory was good, but that comes closer to the end and is resolved quickly. Skirata was …interesting? I don’t know how to describe him. I kind of liked but but mostly didn’t. Vau, I never really liked or understood. He was just there as the bad guy to Skirata’s supposed good guy.

Ordo’s story was okay. I thought it was weird that the Nulls were basically too good – almost inhuman. It just didn’t make all that much sense why they were so good at being soldiers and so smart. Too perfect for me.

I didn’t really like Jusik. I didn’t have a problem with him wanting to fight, but basically wanting to not be a Jedi anymore was weird to me.

And Etain… Gah, I want to like this girl but I am struggling. She always doubts herself as a Jedi and then goes and gets pregnant on purpose. It was completely stupid and I hated her reasoning. She should have told Darman and let him have a say in it. Her reasoning just didn’t work for me. Even if she loves him, she should know that having a child won’t serve either of them well. So on that note, I agree with Skirata, but I hated that he was so rude and condescending to her when she told him. I hated that they decided to not tell Darman too. That’s horrible in my opinion.

The writing style in this book was a bit more annoying than the first book in the series.  There were long passages of conversations that didn’t say who was saying what and sometimes I’d have to go back to the beginning of the conversation to figure it out.  The clones also weren’t as distinguished as they seemed in the first book.  Probably because there were so many of them.

And finally – I hate Mandalorian culture. Sorry, I do. I found myself just skimming sections with an “I don’t care” attitude. Luckily I am taking a break from this series. I might go crazy otherwise.

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