The Approaching Storm by Alan Dean Foster

First Star Wars book of 2015 finally complete!  This was another book I struggled through.  I generally like road trip books, but this just dragged on.  The writing was occasionally painful.  I did like Luminara and Barriss, but I didn’t feel like I knew them all that well when I got to the end of the book.  Very little had changed.

A quote on the back of the book promised introspection for Anakin.  Um, okay.  If it was there, I missed it.  Anakin and Obi-Wan were fine, but a little dull.

Constantly having to prove themselves to different tribes was weird.  At least the second time, they didn’t EACH have to do something.  Speaking of the first time, Anakin singing?  And Obi-Wan telling a story so mesmerizing that the author couldn’t even write it down for us?  Very odd talents.

The secondary characters were strange.  The two guides miraculous transformation was a little ridiculous.  They went from speaking nonsense to being proper well spoken gentlemen without any further education.  Miracles, I tell you!  And Tooqui.  I don’t even know what to say about him.  The repeating words stuff reminded me a little too much of Jar Jar.  After a while, in my head he began to look like Stitch, who I love, which helped me like him more.

Overall, this wasn’t a book I enjoyed reading.  I know I am going to hit some bumps as I go through the EU, but I am hoping for some bright spots soon.

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