Dynasty of Evil (Star Wars: Darth Bane, Bk 3)

I made it through the Darth Bane series!  I think I deserve a medal.

In all honesty, I liked this one a lot more than I liked the previous two.  I liked that it didn’t focus on Bane and Zannah as much, though Zannah didn’t annoy me like she did in The Rule of Two.  I liked that we got good insight into both of their motivations, though I still really hate Bane as a character.  Not just because he’s Sith, but because he’s so egotistical and ridiculous.  And whiny.  “I’m the Dark Lord of the Sith! Why aren’t you challenging me? I guess I’ll just have to replace you and/or live forever.”  In the end, I think I liked Bane better as Des the soldier and student.

I liked the newer characters for the most part.  Serra and Lucia were cool.  I might have liked the Huntress more if she had some motivation and/or a real name.  Set was just kind of there.  He didn’t wow me at all.

With the various perspectives, I felt like this was a faster read.  I was more engaged than I had been with the last two.  But then I got to the end and it all fell apart.  The ending was more “everyone dies” and the very end was vague and confusing.  I started out thinking this would be a 2/5, then around the middle bumped it up to a 3, and by the end, it was back to 2.

I am so glad to move on to another character and another story, even if next up is another Sith story.

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