Rule of Two (Star Wars: Darth Bane, Bk 2)

Still not a fan.  I pretty much detest Darth Bane and have very little interest in what he’s doing.  Even when he was in mortal peril, I wasn’t that concerned because he’s on the cover of the third book.  He’s gonna make it, much to my chagrin.  Speaking of book covers, can we discuss how horrible this cover is?  Bane’s head is shaped very oddly and he doesn’t have lips.  It’s weird.

But yeah, I didn’t really care that much about Zannah.  She just wasn’t that great of a character to me.  Johun was alright, but kind of pointless.  I continue to hate how characters are introduced, heavily described, and then killed off.  It just makes me really not care about anyone.

The writing in this series just doesn’t do anything for me, which is weird because I really liked Annihilation, which is the same author, but these drive me nuts.  For one thing, the fact checking is off.  There’s one time that Johun is called Joshua.  There’s also a time when Bane’s head is referred to as shaved, when I thought the first book established that he was bald because the mines.  He doesn’t shave his head.

I’ve started the final book of the series.  I made it to page 6 before checking the end to see how many pages I have to slog through (300 more, btw).  But then I hit a non Bane/Zannah stretch and am enjoying it more, so we’ll see how it goes.  I’m definitely excited to be done with this series.

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