Blog fail…

I ended up not even keeping up with what I was reading monthly.  Sad!  I was derailed in August because I did a Sci-Fi Lit class where I was only reading parts of books and some were eBooks, so I lost track of how many pages I’d read.  Then I got busy and stopped reading as much, which happens in the fall a lot, and I moved, which took up a lot of time.  Now I am back to reading quite a bit, but I’m rereading instead of reading new books.  But I do love the Harry Potter series so much!

It wasn’t a bad year, though.  I didn’t finish the alphabet challenge, but I did finish the PBS YA Challenge.  I’ll be attempting that challenge again in 2013, so I’ll put up a new post soon.  I’m going to attempt to do monthly posts again, maybe with a small tweak to the format.  I like that I am reading whatever I want to, not because it fits a challenge category or whatever, so I hope to continue that as the year begins and not get caught up in finishing the challenges and stuff like that.  We shall see!

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