March Recap

Books read in March: 11 (one was a re-read)
Pages read in March: 4,199
Avg pages per day: 135
Avg rating: 3.6

Books read towards YA Challenge: 9
Books read towards Alpha Challenge : 5

Favorite book this month: I guess I can’t say Hunger Games since it was a re-read, so I’ll say Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin
Least favorite book this month: Ten Cents a Dance by Christine Fletcher


Books read in 2012 YTD: 26
Pages read in 2012 YTD: 9369
Avg pages per day YTD: 103
Avg rating YTD: 3.62

Books read towards YA Challenge YTD: 24
Books read towards Alpha Challenge YTD : 13

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