Beatle Meets Destiny by Gabrielle Williams

Description from Goodreads:

Imagine your name is John Lennon, only everyone calls you Beatle.
And then you meet your dream girl and her name is Destiny McCartney.
But what if you’re already with the perfect girl?
A novel about change, chance and everybody doing the wrong thing.

This book was a lot of fun.  I liked the characters a lot.  Beatle and Destiny were both very quirky and funny.  I was a bit frustrated with Beatle at times because he had a girlfriend while pursuing a relationship with Destiny, but I still had a hard time faulting him for it.  Beatle and Destiny just seemed so perfect for each other while Beatle and Cilla weren’t.

I loved Destiny’s family.  It was big and funny, but also really realistic.  Their names were pretty awesome, too.  I had a hard time liking Beatle’s mom, but really liked Winsome.  I think I relate well to characters with bad attitudes!

I loved the When Harry Met Sally-esque twin stories.  They were really funny and interesting and really added a cool dimension to the story.

This was a really fun fast read that I’d recommend!

Read as part of the Aussie YA Challenge.

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