The Reckoning by Kelley Armstrong

The Reckoning (Darkest Powers, Bk 3) by Kelley Armstrong

Only two weeks ago, life was all too predictable. But that was before I saw my first ghost. Now, along with my supernatural friends Tori, Derek, and Simon, I’m on the run from the Edison Group, which genetically altered us as part of their sinister experiment. We’re hiding in a safe house that might not be as safe as it seems. We’ll be gone soon anyway, back to rescue those we’d left behind and to take out the Edison Group . . . or so we hope.

This book was okay.  You know how some books in a series tell you so much about the previous books that you wonder why you bothered to read the first ones?  This is not that book.  Which would probably be good, but it’s been 3 months and quite a few books since I read the first two in this series, and to be honest, I don’t remember a lot of details.  So it was really frustrating when something came up and was important and I really didn’t what was going on.

The first part of the book was kind of slow.  Everyone was bad, no good, nope bad… on and on.  Then the end was more action packed, but it kind of left things unresolved.  It was bad, just not as good as the first couple in the series.

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