Secret Santa and In My Mailbox 12/29/09

I have been way slack in doing In My Mailbox this month.  I’ve received and bought a whole lot of stuff and probably won’t be able to come up with the full list at this point.  Oh well! :)  I haven’t even put it on my TBR list, so that is going to be fun to update.   I’ve read a couple books recently that I later realized weren’t on the TBR yet.  Oops!

But in other news, I did get a package from my Secret Santa!  This is the stuff I got… (ignore the stack of paper in the background.  That’s my “filing system” at work.)

It’s a card, a book light, peppermint sticks, a mini scrapbook, a box of Hershey Kisses, and a way fun Santa bird pen.  I mean, seriously, how fun is this thing?

I took him to meetings last week when I didn’t really want to take notes or pay attention.  I’m not sure my boss appreciated that, but my coworkers were amused.  The note in the box said I am also getting a book from The Book Depository, so hopefully that will be here soon!  I can’t wait!  Thanks so much, Secret Santa who didn’t sign the card! :)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Mine was really good – spent time with my dad’s extended family, then my mom’s extended family the weekend before Christmas, then spent Christmas Eve/Day with my parents (and dog).  I have this week off, then my parents and I are heading up to NC to see my sister and brother in law this weekend.  I have been a reading maniac recently and I’m a little behind on putting my thoughts up on here, but I should probably catch up before I read too much more or I won’t remember anything!

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